Did you know not all of my classes talk about sex?

The reason that I start these talks at 8 and 9 years old is to BEGIN establishing a comfort level with talking to kids about body positivity, safety, hygiene, and the changes that can be expected as they get closer to starting puberty.

For parents, these early classes help to:

START the conversations.
LEARN the correct ways to have these talks and keep them positive!
ESTABLISH good techniques for creating a safe and inviting space for communication.

For kids, these early classes help to:

START getting used to the idea of open communication surrounding our bodies and they changes they go through.
LEARN that they aren’t the only ones who will be experiencing these changes and that it is OK to talk about this stuff.
ESTABLISH a healthy self esteem and body image by hearing this information before they start to experience these changes. They are receiving the gift of being informed ahead of time.
Changing U
For moms and girls ages 8-9 years old.
(Dad can join if mom is unavailable).

Boys 2 Men

For dads and boys ages 9-10 years old.
(Mom can join if dad is unavailable).

Upcoming online public classes:

Saturday, August 13th
Saturday, September 10th
Saturday, October 8th