Boys 2 Men

The Rites of Passage

For Fathers and Sons, 9 - 10 Years Old

Boys 2 Men

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Boys 2 Men is the beginning course at The Rites of Passage for boys and dads (or moms).  The focus of this class is on communication and connection while strengthening the father-son bond through conversation and working and learning together.

The activities in this class help fathers and sons to share information and learn just how easy, and FUN, it can be to talk about puberty and growing up. Dads and boys work together towards a common goal of opening the lines of communication while learning all about hygiene, self care, combatting negativity, and the changes associated with puberty.  Topics are discussed in a way to show boys that all of these changes are normal and expected.

In-person ~ 1 class, 2.5 hours                                                                                $70 parent/1 son                                                                                                      $105 parent/2 sons

Virtual/online ~ 1 class, 2 hours                                                                          $50 parent/son(s)

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"I thought the class tonight was fantastic! Everything about it was great: the ice breaker game at the beginning, getting the boys engaged by reading out loud and volunteering for brief demonstrations, the short dialogues we had after key topics, etc. It was all fantastic! Without any prompting, after class, my son said he really liked it and asked when we get to go back for the next class. During some brief chats with a couple other fathers after the class, they seemed to be just as happy with it as we were." ~ father of 10 year old boy


I love the dialogue that follows your classes. It makes it so much easier to talk about everything!

— Stacey (parent)

Our class was awesome! It made me feel really comfortable to know what to expect with puberty. I’m not scared about it anymore.

— Jill (age 10)

We had pretty open communication before, but this has really helped us discuss more topics openly.

— Parent

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