Changing U

The Rites of Passage

For Mothers and Daughters, 8 - 9 Years Old

Changing U

A Great Place for Mother-Daughter Connection

Changing U is an introductory puberty education class at The Rites of Passage, for girls and moms (or dads if preferred).  The focus of this class is communication and connection between mother and daughter through shared experiences and light hearted conversation.

The interactive activities in Changing U make talking about puberty positive, and even FUN, which helps parents and children learn that these conversations don't have to be awkward, as most people think they will be. Puberty education and preparation classes, such as Changing U, also help to increase self esteem by preparing tweens for the years surrounding puberty. It is truly a gift to be informed, educated, and ready for these changes before they happen. Moms and girls work together towards a common goal of opening the lines of communication while learning together about essential topics such as:

  • Hygiene
  • Age appropriate body changes
  • Communication
  • Self confidence
  • Body positivity
  • Self care
  • Combatting negativity
  • The basics of menstruation
  • Consent and body safety (Safe vs. Unsafe touch)
  • Good pictures, Bad pictures
  • All classes are fact based

It's never too young to start these conversations!

In-person ~ 1 class, 2.5 hours (Arizona)                                                              $100 parent/1 daughter                                                                                          $150 parent/2 daughters

Online ~ 1 class, 2.25 hours                                                                             $56.25 parent/daughter(s)

"This was such a great experience!I thought I had already covered many of these topics with my daughter but you went to a much deeper, more meaningful level. I also appreciated the way you covered many sensitive topics. I loved how you helped me bridge the gap between what I have taught her and what she needs to know. I didn't know how much I missed. Thank you for a great education to help start this womanly journey. It was very informative and your communication was fantastic!"

"Thank you Jodi for providing all of this useful, important, and educational information! This was such a helpful class. It was so organized, easy to understand, and assists more conversations between mom and daughter. You did such an awesome job of providing information for mind, body, and soul connection (not just the physical stuff). We really enjoyed your very casual and informational class. I especially loved how your own personal opinions were not voiced but you presented all sides of the concept. It was supportive, kind, encouraging, fun, and disarming. The laughter helps so much too!"


I was really happy because it helped me understand what is going to be happening when I go through puberty. It was fun and I had a great time.

— Ell (age 9)

Our class was awesome! It made me feel really comfortable to know what to expect with puberty. I’m not scared about it anymore.

— Jill (age 10)

My daughter walked into our class crying because of how nervous she was, and came out smiling and happy because of our great experience together. Way to go!

— Jen (parent)

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