Changing U

The Rites of Passage

For Mothers and Daughters, 8 - 9 Years Old

Changing U

A Great Place to Learn All About You

Changing U is the beginning course at The Rites of Passage for girls and moms (or dads).  The focus of this class is communication and connection while strengthening the mother-daughter bond through conversation and working together.

The activities in this class help mothers and daughters to share information and learn just how easy, and FUN, it can be to talk about puberty and growing up. Moms and girls work together towards a common goal of opening the lines of communication while learning about hygiene, self care, combatting negativity, and the basics of menstruation.

In-person ~ 1 class, 2.5 hours                                                                               $70 parent/1 daughter                                                                                          $105 parent/2 daughters

Virtual/online ~ 1 class, 2 hours                                                                          $50 parent/daughter(s)

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"Thank you for a wonderful, helpful presentation. Just enough factual information - great ice-breaker for conversations that will come up. Looking forward to Transitions & Journeys in a couple years. I really needed this - didn't realize how much I may have forgotten about puberty. This information will be a great resource for me. Thank you!!

"You’re so wonderful! You have such a way of communicating this information with grace and humor. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you today. It was a fun and safe environment. We loved it! And great to see you. Look forward to more."


I was really happy because it helped me understand what is going to be happening when I go through puberty. It was fun and I had a great time.

— Ell (age 9)

Our class was awesome! It made me feel really comfortable to know what to expect with puberty. I’m not scared about it anymore.

— Jill (age 10)

My daughter walked into our class crying because of how nervous she was, and came out smiling and happy because of our great experience together. Way to go!

— Jen (parent)

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