The Rites of Passage

For Parents and Teens, High School

Sex Education that prepares teens to make responsible decisions regarding their sexuality to keep them safe and healthy.

Sex education in schools has long been seen as something unrelatable with teachers lecturing teens on the dangers of sex, teen pregnancy, disease, and what not to do. Parents are not involved and frequently don’t know what is being taught to their children or how the information is being delivered. There has been no way to know if teens have received information that is biased to gender, relationships, abstinence, or religion.

Welcome to a new model of sex education for teens. Because most parents grew up in a world where we didn’t talk to our own parents about these topics, we feel almost paralyzed when it comes to having these essential conversations with our own children. The conversations are made even worse by our teens’ unwillingness to be an active participant, which makes the talks even more difficult to have, let alone be productive.

The reality is, no teen WANTS to go to sex ed and no teen thinks they CAN talk about any of this with their parents. When we allow our children to decide whether or not to have these conversations, we are putting the responsibility of their sexual health in their hands. They WILL learn this information somewhere but ask yourself, where do you WANT them learning it from? If it doesn’t come from you, it will come from one of two places: their friends or porn.

Teenaged brings parents and teens together to have discussions about all things regarding relationships, dating, and sexual health. In this class, interactive conversations encourage teens to think about what it takes to make healthy and safe choices about:

  • Social Media
  • Dangers of Pornography
  • Sex/Sexuality
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Respectful Relationships
  • Consent
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Myths/Facts about Sexual Relationships
  • Contraception

Seventy-five percent of class is with parents present and the remainder of our class continues without parents to give teens an opportunity to comfortably ask questions. Classes are co-ed (unless otherwise specified or requested). Open and honest discussion is encouraged and welcome.

Teenaged provides teens with the tools they need to make informed and mature decisions while building healthy and respectful relationships.

In-person ~ 1 class, 3 hours (Arizona) - Parents present for first part of class

$120 Parent/1 Teen                                                                                                                                                                                $180 Parent/2 Teens

Online ~ 1 class, 2.75 hours - Parents present for first part of class

$68.75 Parent/Teen(s)


I love the dialogue that follows your classes. It makes it so much easier to talk about everything!

— Stacey (parent)

Our class was awesome! It made me feel really comfortable to know what to expect with puberty. I’m not scared about it anymore.

— Jill (age 10)

We had pretty open communication before, but this has really helped us discuss more topics openly.

— Parent

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