The Rites of Passage

For Parents and Teens, 13 - 16 Years Old

Sex Education that prepares teens to make responsible decisions regarding their sexuality to keep them safe and healthy.

Teenaged was created to promote conversations that empower teens to make healthy choices about relationships and sexuality. Adolescents are given the tools they need to make responsible decisions that help to keep them safe and informed. By providing teens with accurate and age-appropriate sex education that is tailored to teach to the whole person, the instructor helps teens to understand:

  • Relationships
  • How to confidently get out of awkward or uncomfortable situations
  • Social media
  • Differences between how girls and boys view sexuality and feelings
  • Sex/sexuality
  • Sexual relationships
  • Abstinence
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Respect in relationships
  • Consent
  • Contraceptives

The goal of Teenaged is to educate teens about commonly avoided subjects, and to help them reduce their risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy if they do choose to engage in a sexual relationship. Teens are given information and recommendations about the value of abstinence and alternatives to being sexually active. They will also be prepared for when they make the choice to engage in sexual activity, so they will have the tools they need to be safe and responsible. Family communication between parent and child is developed around the subject of sexuality during this class. Class will begin with parents present then continue without parents to allow teens to comfortably ask questions. Groups of boys and girls will be taught separately. Open and honest discussion encouraged.

Teenaged is medically accurate and does not promote religion or opinions. Lessons include all sexual orientations and gender identities and also provide teens with the tools to make informed decisions and build healthy relationships.

In-person ~ 1 class, 3 hours (Arizona) - Parents present for first part of class

$120 Parent/1 Teen                                                                                                                                                                                $180 Parent/2 Teens


I love the dialogue that follows your classes. It makes it so much easier to talk about everything!

— Stacey (parent)

Our class was awesome! It made me feel really comfortable to know what to expect with puberty. I’m not scared about it anymore.

— Jill (age 10)

We had pretty open communication before, but this has really helped us discuss more topics openly.

— Parent

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