Transitions & Journeys

The Rites of Passage

For Mothers and Daughters Ages 10 - 12 or Fathers and Sons Ages 11 - 13

Transitions And Journeys For Girls
Transitions And Journeys For Boys

The Talk…

An informative and interactive course designed to celebrate the bond between parents and children! Transitions & Journeys was developed to help parents tackle the intimidating subjects of this important Rite of Passage and develop tools to make conversations about these subjects both comfortable and meaningful.

This in-depth class will help to establish a much needed foundation of parent/child communication regarding the subjects of puberty and reproduction. During this class, moms and daughters or dads and sons, will be prepared with the tools they need to gently discuss:

  • Puberty (Boys and Girls)
  • Menstruation
  • Emotions
  • Self Care
  • Reproduction
  • Body Image
  • Self Esteem
  • Personal Space in Relationships

In-person ~ 2 classes, 2.5 hours each                                                                  $140 parent/1 child                                                                                                        $210 parent/2 children                                                                                              (Boys and girls taught separately)

Virtual/online ~ 1 class, 2.75 hours                                                                          $75 parent/child(ren)                                                                                                    (Does not include body image/self esteem)

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"Wonderful way to comfortably address puberty with my child. I felt a sense of pride as I left the first night in thinking of the gift of knowledge the class provided and my part in choosing it! Thank you."

"Absolutely wonderful and informative. All subjects and topics were acknowledged and well explored. My daughter was very pleased and learned a lot. We both feel it was always fun and interesting! Thank you."


You covered everything perfectly. Things I wouldn't have been able to explain in as much detail as you did, were done wonderfully.

— Parent

Today was a great day filled with positive messages and great discussions on “tough” conversations.

— Parent

I found my daughter asking more questions in the last couple of days after taking this class than she has over the past year that I have been trying to talk to her about this. 

— Elizabeth (parent)

Our instructor had a unique way of communicating with our group and did an incredible job of making both mother and daughter feel comfortable.

— Kimberly (parent)

Jodi provided a safe, professional environment to discuss the issues and topics which allowed the boys to understand that everyone faces similar challenges.

— Todd (parent)

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